How badly do you need a cheap but high-quality dental treatment or procedure? Would you search the entire city for a dentist who offers the best dental payment plan? Are you willing to scour across cities and suburbs just to get the best dental deal there is? Have you considered going abroad and availing dental procedures for half the price? Some Australians already did, and most of them either flew to Malaysia, Thailand, or Indonesia. Here, let us discover common dental services dentists in Bali, for example, offer their patients, the cost and the reason why theirs are cheaper, and what considerations you should think about dental tourism.


Dentists in Bali: Their dental services


As many medical and dental tourism agencies would advertise, Bali, Indonesia’s tourism facilities are outstanding. Their accommodation, lodging, and hospitality infrastructures compete with the ones we see in movies and TV shows.  Dental tourists in Bali would not need to worry about getting themselves lost in the vast area of a third world country such as Indonesia. As a matter of fact, dentists in Bali have dental establishments situated in the bustling part of the metro, away from the rural part of the country. Their dental facilities are equipped with modern and state-of-the-art dental technologies that aid in performing specialised treatments and procedures. They further claim that they can reach your dramatically high expectations of the facilities and dentists in Bali alone.


Language barrier? No problem! Dental tourism agencies also claim to have dentists in Bali who are fluent in speaking and understanding the English language. They also have English-speaking staff or translators, so that good communication is maintained throughout your stay.

More importantly, dentists in Bali are licensed and board-certified professionals who have confirmable qualifications and experience. They are experts in various basic and specialised dental treatments and procedures, so their services are ideal for your every need.


Dentists in Bali: The cost of dental tourism

Would you believe that dentists in Bali promise to provide high-quality dental treatments and procedures for half the price you would typically get quoted for in Australia? Imagine getting dental implants, an average $5000 value, for only $2000 in Indonesia! Or get new dental crowns for only $500 compared to the $1500 price tag at home. Or would you consider getting your dental filling procedure here for $200 when you can get it for only $75 in Bali? Sounds impressive, isn’t it?


Dentists in Bali: The considerations

Although the Australian Dental Association (ADA) accepts the fact the dental tourism is becoming really popular nowadays, they still want to remind Australians about the following considerations before flying out of the country.

Think about the complications.  Yes, sounds morbid, right? But honestly, complications can arise anywhere, anytime. So you have to think ahead and plan if ever an unwanted complication occurs during or after your dental treatment. Have you thought about how you would get corrective services?

Safety standards. One of the main reasons why dental procedures in Australia are expensive is because of the very strict safety standards we uphold in the country. Does the country you are going to get your dental treatment practicing the same level of safety standards?

The location. It may sound degrading or racist, but we must face the fact that epidemics differ from country to country. Are you ready to expose yourself to different diseases of illnesses you can get from a tropical country far away from Australia? Have you researched about different vaccines you would need for preventative purposes?

The length of stay. There are many dental procedures that require specific numbers of visits and sessions before its overall completion. Consider this length of time when getting your dental holiday. Is your length of stay in Bali enough to safely and carefully complete the dental procedure or is your dentist going to make shortcuts to make ends meet?


We hope that these reminders help you in determining if dental tourism is actually the best way for you to get dental procedures that can maintain your dental health.

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